VolunteerTalk is the world's first and only online discussion forum devoted to volunteers and various aspects of volunteering.

VolunteerTalk is intended for everyone interested in matters relating to volunteering and volunteerism, regardless of whether they are currently involved in any type of volunteer activity. There are three main reasons for participating in the forum:

  • To get answers to questions you might have relating in some way to volunteering.
  • To share your knowledge, receiving satisfaction from knowing that others will benefit.
  • To contribute to the cause of volunteerism, by helping to grow the community.

Simply stated, we seek to help to make the world a better place by joining forces in mutual support relating to the practice of volunteering.


VolunteerTalk was created in March 2015 on the premise that a central online discussion forum, under one “roof” or “big tent,” with both a main forum for discussion of topics of likely interest to a large portion of the volunteer community and subforums to which visitors with specialized interests can jump, can create an overall synergy from which everyone benefits. Discussions that preceded the creation of the forum may be read online at http://www.energizeinc.com/hot-topics/2015/march.


Dan Berman is a writer and entrepreneur, with a lifelong passion for volunteering. The three main types of volunteering he has engaged in over the years are: (1) tutoring of low-income and minority children, (2) work on behalf of animals at local humane societies and (3) resettlement assistance for recent immigrants, helping them get acclimated and integrated into American society.

His personal commitment to connecting volunteers to learn from each other led to starting VolunteerTalk.org with his own time and money. “As I’ve never set up or administrated a discussion forum before,” Dan acknowledges, “there is much I will have to learn. No doubt there will be bumps in the road but I will always do my best to create the most positive and productive environment for anyone who chooses to visit. If you’re reading this, that means you’re visiting, so thank you for your support!”

If you have experience in online discussion forums and would like to share your knowledge with Dan or help in other ways to grow VolunteerTalk, please e-mail him at Dan @ VolunteerTalk. org (please remove the spaces that were inserted into the email ID, to thwart the spam bots).