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A Moving Story from Bonnie, Somer's Hospice House Volunteer

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  • A Moving Story from Bonnie, Somer's Hospice House Volunteer

    This story was contributed by Peg O'Leary Parsché, who describes herself as having been involved in volunteer management for more than 20 years in a variety of settings, primarily health care. Peg says this story comes from Bonnie, a volunteer at the Somer's Hospice House in Sebring, FL:

    "I am sitting here thinking back to my very first day as a volunteer at the Good Shepherd Somer’s Hospice House in Sebring.

    "I was walking down the hall way when I heard my name called: Bonnie, would you please go into room such and such. 'Of course!' was my reply.

    "A gentleman was lying in bed. No one else was in the room. I believe it was the case manager who asked if I would answer the patient’s phone when it rang. Certainly I would. In a few minutes the phone did in fact ring. I was told the patient’s wife was on the other end of the line, unable to be with her husband due to the fact she had fallen and was in the hospital. This precious wife wanted to let her husband hear her voice.

    "I walked around to the side of her husband’s bed and put the phone up to his ear. After she finished, from the time it took me to put the phone back into its cradle and return to the side of her husband’s bed, he was gone.

    "I simply walk in on Friday mornings prayed up and open to whatever these precious patients and their family and friends need. Sometimes it may simply be a caring hug or a smile. At times, I have been asked to sing, especially 'Amazing Grace.' Of course, I always find out as gently as I can about the spiritual perspective of the patient/family/friends. 'Amazing Grace' is the number one gospel song appreciated by so many.

    "Peg, thank you for this opportunity to share a golden nugget of my time of being a volunteer with Good Shepherd. I am SO blessed as I make my rounds, including sweet friendships that have grown including those with staff members.

    "God bless you, Peg, and know that I personally cherish all you coordinators!"