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  • why talk?

    Why talk? Growing up, I was instructed by parents and teachers alike not to say anything to anyone which might be hurtful--
    "if you don't have something nice to say, then..."-- well, you know the drill.

    For me, and perhaps you, that warning became distorted, and pretty early in my life I thought that it was manly and probably
    humane not to share ANYTHING about myself with anyone.

    Here I am, a semi-grown man, who gets a huge "lift" from volunteering

    But reaching out and sharing with others not only uplifts the soul, it enables us to share our concerns,
    confusion and discover answers to the questions we have not been able to work out on our own.

    So I am considering... no, I am going to share more of myself with you-- you can walk in my shoes from
    time-to-time.... it's free and healthy and "chicken soup" for the soul-- and when the shoes get a bit thin
    from walking, time to re-sole (soul) with the support and fresh experiences of fellow volunteers!

    Roger Dewes
    San Mateo, CA

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    I believe talking is an effective way to share one's stories, experiences, and advice from one's past to other people in order to help both oneself and others to avoid the same mistakes happened in the past or to solve the same problems more efficiently in the future. As a mental health major, I know talk could be very therapeutic and efficient.

    People reorganize their thoughts and express their emotions when they talk to someone; therefore, sharing ideas and advice to each other can be a very helpful and effective learning process. Hope we will have more and more people sharing their good ideas in the future. I am looking forward to joining that day!

    Lina C